Last year, Silja Kim was ready to take on the world. The New York City entrepreneur was running her own company in the manufacturing and distribution sector while balancing graduate school work and living in a new area. All the changes were positive, but the situation was stressful, and Kim found herself reaching for sugary treats as a way to cope.

“I think I was addicted to sugar,” Kim says. “It was a quick stress relief. It helped, but I gained weight really quickly.”

Soon she had gained 15 pounds, a significant amount for her petite frame.

“I was blowing up and I didn’t know when it was going to stop. I knew sugar was the problem, but I didn’t know how to break away from it, and I couldn’t shed the weight by working out,” she said. “Sweet Defeat helped my stop those cravings.”

Kim began taking Sweet Defeat after dinner to break her habit of indulging in treats like cake or champagne. She saw results almost immediately.

“It’s very good for nighttime,” she says.

Once she began taking a Sweet Defeat mint every night she noticed that the scale was showing progress and she was returning to her normal weight. Although she still had a busy schedule and stressful days, she was now able to drop the after-dinner indulgences and still avoid eating or drinking alcohol after dinner for the most part. Before long she had lost those 15 pounds.

She says her experience is common: “Gaining weight from sugar cravings is very normal these days. We’re under stress and we turn to sugar. That was very toxic for me.”

And she was thrilled to find an all-natural product to support her in stopping that habit. “Sweet Defeat has been a game changer,” she says. “It helped me break the sugar addiction cycle and get back to my old weight.”