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Treating Yourself on Vacation Without Going Overboard

Healthy living is all about balance and feeling in control of our choices. That doesn’t mean restricting our eating so much that going on vacation means letting every good habit slide. If you make good decisions on a regular basis, you can plan to enjoy special treats on holidays without feeling like you’re back to square one when it’s over. So how do you indulge appropriately on vacation? It’s important to plan ahead for a little something special. Feeling deprived will just set yourself up for a binge. Here’s what you need to know to enjoy your next getaway without feeling guilty:

Prioritize Indulgences

It’s okay to want a treat! Before you step foot on a plane or check into your resort, decide in advance which food and drinks you want to splurge on the most during your trip. If you’re dreaming of a margarita on the beach, focus on looking forward to that treat so you won’t be tempted by the packaged cookies offered by airline attendants as soon as they start passing out snacks. Also, prepare for all the temptations at the airport by following our tips here. Once you have a plan, you’ll likely find it easier to eat healthy, low-sugar foods most of the time while looking forward to your favorite splurges.

Think Outside the Box

Not all treats need to be food. Instead of getting caught up in what you can and can’t eat, think about the activities and sights that will make your trip seem truly special. Sometimes, when we seek out food, it’s about more than satisfying hunger. We’re looking for fun, excitement, or even comfort. Knowing this, plan ahead to get these things from your trip without turning to surprise splurges. If you’re feeling in need of comfort, opt for self-care in the form of a massage or a walk on the ocean. If you’re craving adventure, check out the excursions provided by your resort or do something daring with your partner or travel buddy. If you’re looking for a little fun, go dance, see a show, or go for swim. There are plenty of ways we can treat ourselves without turning to sweets.

Create Limits to Support Your Choices

You’ve thought ahead about very specific splurges, great! Now you need to prepare yourself for how you will stick with those decisions and avoid going overboard. Create boundaries so that you know exactly when you should be saying “no” to a treat on your vacation or when it’s time to push away that dessert plate after a few bites in front of you. Support yourself in the limits you’ve created. Packing a box of Sweet Defeat is a great way to stop the sugar cravings that naturally follow a splurge. Remember that tasting something sweet triggers a cycle in your brain that causes you to crave more sweets. Use Sweet Defeat to break that cycle—take a lozenge to stop yourself from being tempted by a treat. Or have one after having three bites of dessert, so you prevent yourself from eating the rest. Sweet Defeat helps you stick to your plan, so you come back from vacation relaxed and recharged.
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