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“Sweet Defeat Helped Me Break My Physical Addiction to Sugar”

Name: Hilary C.

Occupation: High school teacher

My sugar story: I’ve had sugar cravings all my life. When I feel stressed or sleepy, it’s the first thing I go for—a candy bar. If I’ve had a bad day, I’ll walk in the door and go straight for the junk food. It felt ridiculous that I’d shove sweets in my mouth every time I was in a bad mood. Sugar is so addicting—I couldn’t willpower it away by avoiding sugar. That’s why Sweet Defeat has been a game changer.

How I use Sweet Defeat: I’ll take Sweet Defeat on the way home from work to buy myself some time to do other healthy things to decompress and relax instead of going into the junk food. Sweet Defeat gives me the mental space to resist cravings.

Skipping seconds on sweets:  My mom is a great baker, so if I’m visiting her and she’s made a pie or something amazing, I'll have one piece, then sneak away to the restroom to use a Sweet Defeat. My mom will say, have another piece. Without Sweet Defeat, I’d want to. But since I’ve had a lozenge, I don’t crave it anymore, and I won’t. Plus, even if I had some, it would taste gross. It’s like a Pavlovian response.  

From regular user to maintenance mode: When I first started, I used Sweet Defeat twice a day. Then I tapered off over time. It wasn’t intentional—I just wasn’t having cravings. Sweet Defeat helped me break my physical addiction to sugar. Now I just use it on an as-need basis. Today, I have to go to the candy shop for a birthday party. I’ll have a lozenge just before I go into the store, so I don’t buy stuff for myself as well.

Why it’s not a pill: Sweet Defeat doesn’t change the way you feel or anything. I’m so scared of diet pills or appetite suppressants. That’s why I like Sweet Defeat—all it does is make things taste different. There are so many fads and gimmicks—this is the real deal.  

The results: I’ve noticed that there are all sorts of positive mood effects from eating less sugar. As a teacher, the start of the school year is very stressful, that transition from the easy days of summer. With Sweet Defeat, I was able to handle it much better. Now I feel like I have control.