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How High Blood Sugar Causes a Sugar Crash & Tips to Stay Energized

Indulging in sweets such as ice cream or candy is pleasurable from time to time. However, eating too many of these treats can cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar which leads to an unwanted sugar crash or hangover and makes you feel exhausted. But what is a sugar hangover? And how does high blood sugar make you tired? In this article, we'll go over how sugar affects your energy and what you can do to stay active.

How Does Sugar Impact Energy Levels?

Let's be honest — it feels good to eat sweet and savory food from time to time. From cakes to candies, these sugary treats allow us to relax and take a moment to enjoy ourselves. Because sugar cravings are so strong, we're all guilty of occasionally overeating these foods, and we eventually hit a wall where our energy levels start to tank. When this happens, we experience a sugar crash which leaves us feeling exhausted and, sometimes, sick to our stomachs.

Ironically, people do gain a lot of energy from eating sugar, which is why some choose to snack on something sweet when they feel groggy. In fact, individuals should always keep their blood sugar levels at a normal amount (usually 70 to 100 mg/dL) to avoid dizziness, sweatiness or weakness. In some cases, very low blood sugar amounts can even cause more severe conditions, such as a loss of consciousness or seizures. To sum it up, people should consume healthy amounts of natural sugar throughout the day from vegetables or fruit, but they cannot let sugar cravings lead to regular overconsumption.

What is a Sugar Crash or Sugar Hangover?

Now that you understand the effects of sugar on energy levels, let's talk about the two results of eating too much sweets — a sugar crash and sugar hangover.

Aside from the health risks associated with the overconsumption of sweets, you may be wondering "does high blood sugar make you tired?" The short answer — yes. But why is that the case?

As we've already mentioned, eating too many desserts or drinking a grandiose amount of soda pop will eventually lead to something called a "sugar crash." This occurs when the body contains way more sugar than necessary and starts to create an abundance of insulin to compensate and balance out blood sugar levels (which is why 70 to 100 mg/dL is the sweet spot). This overcompensation leads us to feel very tired and "burnt out." But that's not all — here are some of the common effects of a sugar crash:

  • Anxiety
  • Hunger
  • Trouble focusing on tasks
  • Shakiness or dizziness

Not only that, but this sugar crash can also cause the undesirable and often painful sugar hangover. This sensation is similar to the hangovers you get from drinking too much alcohol: you'll feel exhausted and irritable, and you potentially have a blistering headache. If you wish to avoid this (and we know you do), read on to see the processes that lead to a sugar hangover so you can keep yourself from being overwhelmed with regret.

Stages of a Sugar Hangover

If sugar cravings consistently get the best of you, you may have already had your fair share of sugar hangovers. Before you let yourself go through another binge, take a look at how sugar hangovers happen:

  1. We eat too many sweets in a short period of time.
  2. Our blood sugar levels begin to rise quickly. If they were already at a normal amount, this causes an excess of sugar in our system.
  3. Our body starts to release insulin into the bloodstream to help us contain the sudden spike.
  4. The excess insulin winds up storing all of the sugar in our bloodstream and suddenly, we go from a high amount of blood sugar to a low amount.
  5. Hours later, we then experience the effects of a sugar hangover.

Tips to Prevent a Sugar Crash or Hangover

If you wish to avoid a sugar crash or sugar hangover, here are some tips to curb sugar cravings and keep your levels at the proper amount.

We understand that it's tough to avoid the occasional sugar crash. We're only human, and sometimes we need to reward ourselves after a hard day's work or calm our nerves when feeling stressed. But when we regularly allow ourselves to chow down on sweet foods or drinks, we're putting ourselves at risk of getting a sugar hangover and potentially damaging our bodies.

If you're striving to break free from this vicious cycle, here are three steps you can take right now to reduce cravings and prevent a sugar crash or hangover:

1. Lower the Amount of High-Sugar Foods in Your Diet

You need to keep your blood sugar levels at just the right amount, but you shouldn't achieve that daily goal by eating foods rich in sugar. Aside from desserts, processed foods like cereals, granola bars and microwave popcorn should be avoided. If you need to get your blood sugar in a good state, try eating more fruits, drinking more milk or adding natural honey to your teas instead of sugar.

2. Check Nutritional Labels Often

This is a very important tip for preventing a sugar hangover. Some people have no idea just how much sugar is in certain products that they eat on a regular basis. Learn how to read nutrition labels for sugar and make it your new goal when shopping to look for these types of unwanted sugary ingredients in your favorite foods. Then, start eliminating these foods from your diet as you go — you'll thank yourself in the long run.

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