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Which Sweet Defeat Sugar Cravings Supplement is Right for You?

When a sugar craving hits, it can feel nearly impossible to resist the urge of satisfying your tastebuds. Between the stress of everyday life, unhealthy dietary habits and the pure convenience of grabbing a tasty treat, there are so many factors motivating us to give in to our cravings. The Sweet Defeat experts know the struggle all too well. That's why we created our line of supplements to help sugar cravings. If you're interested in kicking sugar to the curb, but you're not sure which of our products is best for you, you've come to the right place. We've broken down each supplement for sugar cravings to help you learn more about them and pick the best solution for you.

How it Works

Before we take a look at each sugar cravings supplement, it's important to understand the science behind Sweet Defeat. Our products were inspired to solve a problem: People are prone to craving sugar. In fact, Americans consume an average of 77 grams of it each day, and the taste of sugar only makes us desire more of it. This slippery slope inspired us to create Sweet Defeat.

A Clinically Proven Formula

Sweet Defeat packs powerful ingredients into each product to help you overpower your urge for sweets. One of our key components is Gymnema Sylvestre, which has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries. This powerful plant blocks the sweet taste of sugar and helps stop cravings dead in their tracks. Our patented formulation of Gymnema and Zinc drastically reduces the bitterness and amplifies the sweet block effect. All of our supplements to help sugar cravings contain these ingredients.

Our advanced formula gum includes those two ingredients as well as Chromium for even more benefits. This mineral is often found in food and helps improve lean body mass along with insulin resistance.

We're motivated by our successful products and our happy customers. It's our mission to continuously keep up with the latest research and product innovations to bring you the best supplements to help sugar cravings.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Through extensive research and clinical studies, Sweet Defeat's team has demonstrated the efficacy of our supplements to help sugar cravings. Results from our clinical studies have concluded the following:

  • Sweet Defeat reduces sugar cravings by 30%.
  • Sweet Defeat decreases overall sugar consumption by 50%.
  • Those who don't take Sweet Defeat are 430% more likely to give in to sugar cravings.

Long Lasting Lozenges

The original Sweet Defeat mint and lemon lozenges are convenient and discrete to use in any situation. Rather than biting or chewing this supplement to curb sugar cravings, let the lozenge dissolve on your tongue. It takes about 2-3 minutes to fully melt, but it works instantly. We recommend taking one of our lozenges after every meal and whenever you feel an urge for sweets. The effects of this supplement to cut sugar cravings typically last up to an hour. Available in packs of 30, our lozenges are a great way to combat the urge for sweets in seconds.

“Stopped my cravings for sweets...It definitely has an effect!” - Janette D., Verified Buyer

Fast Acting Spray

Anyone who experiences sudden urges for sweets and needs to fight them off fast will love our fast acting spray. This supplement for sugar cravings is designed to instantly block the taste of sweet substances. When you apply 3-4 sprays on your tongue, you'll immediately build a wall between your taste buds and the sugar you're craving. All the while, you'll be left with a nice minty refresher, as well. For the best results, we recommend spraying 3-4 times, covering the front, middle and back of your tongue. If you want to use this supplement to curb sugar cravings, it is available to order in increments of one, two or three bottles.

“I didn't think a simple spray after eating to stop my sweet cravings would matter, but it did! It stopped immediately. I will be purchasing again soon. Seven days and no sweets - amazing! This is from someone who was eating a big box of movie candy for dinner over cooking dinner. This product works!” - Bonita H., Verified Buyer

Advanced Formula Gum

Our advanced formula gum doesn't just help you fight off your sweet indulgences — it can help improve body composition, too! This sugar cravings supplement contains our signature formula of Gymnema Sylvestre and Zinc along with a powerful boost of Chromium. This mineral is proven to help improve lean body mass and insulin resistance. For best outcome, chew one piece of our advanced formula gum for one to two minutes after meals and any time cravings hit. We recommend chewing no more than five pieces a day. As our most popular product, this supplement for sugar cravings is available in packs of:

  • 2 (16 pieces)
  • 4 (32 pieces)
  • 6 (48 pieces)
“I was absolutely amazed! It works great.” - Katherine S., Verified Buyer

Starter Pack

Can't decide which sugar cravings supplement is right for you? Sweet Defeat's starter pack gives you the chance to try each option and see the amazing benefits for yourself. It includes:

  • Two packs of advanced formula gum
  • One bottle of fast acting spray
  • One bottle of long lasting lozenges

With this perfect combination of supplements to help sugar cravings, you're prepared to fight off sweets in any situation. Whether it's a quick spray at work, a piece of gum while running errands or a lozenge at home, our starter pack has you covered.

A Recap of Sweet Defeat's Supplements to Help Sugar Cravings

To help you compare each option, our experts created the table below. Keep in mind, each of the products in the table is included in our starter pack.

Fight the Urge for Sweets with Supplements to Help Sugar Cravings

No matter which Sweet Defeat product you choose, you can count on it to help you kick your desire for sugar to the curb. Each sugar cravings supplement we offer is backed by our clinically proven formula and wonderful customer reviews. Get ready to cut excess sugar out of your diet, feel healthier and see results. Shop our Sweet Defeat collection today for the perfect supplement to cut sugar cravings and start leading a healthier lifestyle.

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