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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are such a busy time, who has time to shop? To help check off your list, we share our go-to gifts—some we received and love so much that we now give it to others, some have been so popular that they’re now perennial favorites. You’ll find something for everyone here, whether you want to spend $20 or $200.  

Under $25

Bombas socks

I really appreciate the little things when they are of excellent quality. My future mother-in-law gave me several pairs of these socks, and I’m amazed at how well they’ve held up. I’ve worn them daily for over two years on muddy runs and various outdoor activities, and after countless washes, they haven’t lost their elasticity. (from $12 a pair; bombas.com)  —Susan Mihalick, customer experience manager

Ello Syndicate glass water bottle

You can never have too much water on hand!  This bottle is leakproof, made of glass (it feels good to drink from glass, plus it’s BPA-free), and it makes a fun popping sound when you open it because the seal is so great. I also love that it comes in pretty colors and has a handle. ($14.99; elloproducts.com)  —S.M.

Rad Roller massage ball

I’ve always used foam rollers—I’m convinced that’s how I avoided stress fractures when I was a college athlete—but when my brother-in-law gave me the Rad Roller, I saw the advantages of its ball design. You put it behind the shoulders and it releases postural tension. I’ve given it to  so many people as a gift! ($24.95; radroller.com)  —Arianne Perry, co-founder and CEO

Rummikub board game

It’s a great game that’s like a cross between gin rummy, dominoes, and poker. Anyone over the age of 7 can play it, and it's a good activity to do after you've opened presents. Board games can be given to just about anyone, so they're perfect if you're in a pinch. ($14.99; rummikub.com) —Madeline Hale, community manager

Tongue scraper

This may feel like a totally weird gift, but it’s a different kind of self-care item that many people don’t own, yet it can be a great addition to their routine. A tongue scraper helps to remove the plaque and bacteria that builds up on your tongue overnight, so it’s good for solving morning breath. I use it in the morning and after dinner if I want myself to stop snacking—I’ll scrape, then have a Sweet Defeat afterward. I’ve given one to my mom and sisters, who have made it a daily habit, too. ($11 for two; wowelifestyle.com)  —S.M.

Under $50

Fitness class gift cards

I started going to Soul Cycle more than six years ago, before I was able to financially support the habit, so class pack gift cards were always a huge hit with me. I’ve since received class gift cards from just about everyone in my life, and I give them to other people who love it, too. (any denomination; soul-cycle.com)  —Allison Brophy, brand manager

Harry & David pears

My brother and sister got me a fruit of the month as a gift a few years ago, and I thought it was so cool, especially in the winter, when it’s hard to get great fruit. My favorites are the pears, mangoes, and peaches. Now my extended family can’t always get together for the holidays, so I started sending my grandmother and uncles fruit as a gift. ($29.99 for 9 pears; harryanddavid.com) —A.P.

Himalayan salt lamp

Salt lamps are said to help combat air pollution and they create a calming ambiance in a room. They’re a great gift for anyone with allergies or needs a little extra help calming down to sleep. I’m also obsessed with a place in New York City called the SaltHaus, which is an entire room made of salt to clear your lungs and mind. I love it and have given a gift card for a session to New York friends. ($40 a session; salthausny.com)  —Brooke Alpert, nutritionist

Inspiralized spiralizer

Help curb those pasta cravings with a spiralizer! I recommend the one from Inspiralized to clients the most— it’s user-friendly and sleekly designed. I love the community, too. They share a lot of great recipes. Suddenly, veggies seem even better! ($49.95; inspiralized.com) —B.A.

Scented candles

I love giving something a person wouldn’t buy themselves, like a nice candle from Diptyque or Lafco. My favorite scents are Lafco’s Golden Chestnut  (it reminds me of being snowed in with a fire going and cookies in the oven; from $42, lafco.com) and Diptyque’s Gardenia (from $35; diptyqueparis.com). —A.B.

Under $100

Lululemon athletic tops

Everyone in my family is into fitness, so these are always a no-fail gift. I find that tops are easier to guess at sizes for people than bottoms. And who can’t use a cute new workout tank? (from $58; lululemon.com)  —A.P.

Manduka Prolite yoga mat

I own this yoga mat, and I’ve given it to both my mom and fiancé when they were getting into their own practices. It's super-durable, not too heavy, comes in beautiful colors and patterns, and bonus—it’s made of recycled materials! (from $82; manduka.com)  —S.M.

Over $100

Breville variable temperature tea kettle

I first got introduced to electric kettles by British expatriate friends, who considered them an essential kitchen tool—you can boil water far faster in an electric kettle than on the stovetop, so I can get pasta cooking faster by using the kettle. I especially love the Breville variable temperature model, which was made for tea lovers. It has five settings for different kinds of tea, from green to oolong to black (which, as any tea snob will tell you, each needs to be brewed with water at a different temperature). My husband loves using it to boil water for pour-over coffee, too. ($129.95; breville.com)  —Michelle Shih, head of content

Goop skincare products

I love innovative skincare products, so I’ll give family members some of my favorites, since they can be pricey and people won’t buy it for themselves. One favorite is Goop’s Replenishing Night Cream—it’s super-hydrating,but not “goopy” in a gross way, and makes my skin feel like new! ($140; goop.com) —A.B.

Le Creuset pot

My sister-in-law gave us a Le Creuset 5½-quart round dutch oven when my husband and I got married and I cook with it a ton. I use it for anything that needs to cook slowly on the stove or gets seared on the stovetop, then finishes in oven. It’s really pretty, so it can go directly to the table to serve, too. ($340; lecreuset.com)  —A.P.

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