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“I Was on a Sugar Binge My Son’s Whole Life”

Sarah Seifert is quick to admit she’s a true sugar addict.

Although she has always had a weakness for sugar, she says that her cravings got worse once she started having kids. She has three children, and after each pregnancy, in those first weeks and months of breastfeeding, intense sugar and carbohydrate cravings would kick in.

“I was basically on just a straight sugar binge my son’s whole life,” she confesses, referring to her youngest child, who is 19 months old. “Every day, whenever I had to go to the store, I would come out with some kind of candy or chocolate for the car. I would have to shove the wrappers down in the door compartment.”

Gaining Control and Changing Her Life

Realizing she needed to eliminate sugar cravings, Seifert turned to Sweet Defeat. Her major motivation? Aligning her actions with what she believes about healthy eating. She keeps sugar away from her kids and felt guilty that she was struggling so much to say “no” herself.

At first, Seifert had a Sweet Defeat after every meal and any time she thought temptation might be around the corner. And she was encouraged by how well the lozenges worked. “The first or second day, I drove down to visit my sister and my mom,” she says, explaining that they typically sit in the kitchen and snack while catching up. “I was just hanging out and talking, and I was amazed at the fact that I wasn’t eating at the same time.”

Since then, Seifert has gained much better control over her cravings. As a result, she’s been able to reduce her sugar intake and have intentional indulgences without them morphing into binges.

Sweet Defeat has also had a kind of domino effect on her life. What began as cutting back on sugar transformed into an entire lifestyle change. “I haven’t run since I became a mom, and over the past two-and-a-half months, I’ve started running and doing intermittent fasting,” she says. “I’ve lost 24 pounds!” That was a goal weight she has been eyeing for eight years now. She feels more energetic, and she’s happy to be rid of those sugar-induced crashes that landed her on the couch in the middle of her busy days.

Life in Maintenance Mode

Although Seifert still uses Sweet Defeat, she feels she has entered maintenance mode. Breaking the the sugar habit has allowed her to commit to an eating schedule and avoid impulsive snacking, and now she is often able to avoid sugar on her own. She still keeps Sweet Defeat on her for times of serious temptations, like over the Christmas holidays or at birthday celebrations.

Her friends and family are curious, too. They’ve been inspired by her weight loss and have asked about what has made such a big difference in her life.

“My family tries to eat clean foods, things that are organic and all natural,” she says. Some of them ask her about the ingredients in Sweet Defeat, so she points out to them that  “these are simple ingredients; most people aren’t familiar with them, but they’re simple.” And then she asks them, “Is it better to pump sugar into your body? Or to try out something you haven’t heard of before?”

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