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New Research Shows the Effectiveness of Gymnema

Here’s one thing we know about the sugar craving cycle: our brain is wired to crave more sugar every time we taste something sweet. This fact makes a sugar-free diet difficult to maintain. New research conducted by Eric Stice, PhD, at the Oregon Research Institute takes a closer look at Gymnema sylvestre, the main active ingredient in Sweet Defeat. Just how effective is Gymnema sylvestre in reducing sugar cravings? Here’s what Dr. Stice’s team discovered.

About the Study

Dr. Stice and his research team enlisted 67 adults to participate in this study. Each adult was asked to indulge in a single serving of their favorite candy. Afterwards, each participant shared how enjoyable the taste of the candy was and rated the cravings for more sweets.

Next, the group was divided in two. One group was given a lozenge made with gymnemic acid (formulated as Sweet Defeat) and the other a placebo lozenge. Researchers then surveyed the participants again on how much they craved another serving of candy.

Candy servings were then offered one at a time, with a break between each serving for another round of surveys asking for a rating of the enjoyableness of the sweets and the cravings for more.

Study Results

Dr. Stice and his team found that those that had the lozenge showed a 31 percent decrease in their enjoyment of sweet flavors versus those who had the placebo. Gymnema lozenge-takers also showed a 44 percent decrease in cravings for more sweets. Overall, those that ate the gymnemic lozenge consumed fewer candies than those who had the placebo.

Past research already showed that gymnema reduces the sweet taste of sugar. Gymnema has also been shown to help individuals eat less sugar. In this study, researchers learned something new — that gymnema can reduce the desire for sugar even in those who haven’t had their first taste of sweets.

What This Means for You

Sweet Defeat is made with gymnema, which suppresses the taste of sugar on the tongue, making sweets less desirable. This study shows that users of Sweet Defeat may find a reduction in their sugar cravings before they even taste something sweet.

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