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Books to Inspire a New You

If you’re trying to move toward a healthier lifestyle, reading books about people who have cut their sugar intake or revamped their diets can give an extra dose of motivation to get through the hard days. Here are three worth checking out: Year of No Sugar You can guess what this one is about just from the title. Author Eve O. Schaub vowed to spend a year consuming zero added sugar. What’s more, she convinced her husband and two school-aged children to join her on her journey, proving that with enough determination even families with young kids can kick their sugar habits. Schaub’s book includes insights from obesity specialists and her own research into the role of sugar in cancer and other illnesses. You’ll enjoy following along with her story while also learning about the science behind sugar cravings. Best of all, the book includes tips, tricks and recipes that Schaub and her family compiled over the year to help keep sugar cravings at bay. The Diet Detox Is it possible to have a diet book that’s anti-diet? Nutritionist Brooke Alpert, co-author of The Sugar Detox  has done it. She knows that diets don’t work. Instead, she helps her clients follow 10 simple rules that may seem like common sense, but result in a serious lifestyle overhaul. Rule #5 is to watch the sugar (“Cliff’s Notes version: Sugar makes you fat and ages you prematurely.”), and she helps makes the rule do-able. For example, if you like drinking alcohol, she gives the option of either setting the maximum number of drinks you can have a week or you can drink only two nights a week (with a limit on how much per night). Plus she has a meal section with guidelines, menus, and dead-simple recipes. The How Not to Die Cookbook How’s that for an attention-grabbing title? This cookbook is an accompaniment to How Not to Die, the 2015 bestseller in which Dr. Michael Greger, a nutrition expert and physician, examines the 15 most common causes of death in America and explains how proper nutrition can keep them at bay. The cookbook contains 120 nutritionally-sound recipes, covering snacks, meals and (healthy) indulgences, all of which are plant-based. The book will teach you how to prep base ingredients like broth and almond milk and even gives samples of two-week menus, which are a great way to kickstart a new lifestyle. The Obesity Code These days it seems that everyone has an explanation for the obesity epidemic gripping the United States. In The Obesity Code, the diabetes and obesity specialist Dr. Jason Fung lays out the way that insulin resistance is contributing to obesity and the accompany health ailments that are plaguing many of us. The book sets out five steps that readers can take to improve their nutrition and better control their insulin levels, so that their bodies are better able to process the sugar they eat. If you’re interested in learning more about the complex role that sugars play in our body, this is a must-read. Kick off your healthy habits by reading one of these books—or even better, listening to the audio version while you exercise or run errands. You’ll be happy you did!
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