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What’s Your Sugar Personality?

I’ve traveled around the country and talked to thousands of people about sugar and sugar cravings. What I’ve found is that everyone falls into one of three different Sugar Personality types. Which one are you?

The Sugar Addict

Who you are: You eat sugar consistently throughout the day and feel like you need it all the time. You want to give it up, but feel like you just can’t.

Seen in the wild: This is the colleague that stops by the office candy jar every hour, on the hour. Or the friend who takes her kid’s candy and stashes it in her purse or car.

Words of advice: If you want to quit sugar, don’t go cold turkey! Instead, take a step back. If you’re having sugar five times a day, cut back to four times a day; if it’s three times per day, switch to twice a day. Make achievable steps towards your success and use Sweet Defeat after meals, after snacks—any time you want to keep sugar cravings in check.

The Sweet Tooth

Who you are: This one is personal, because I’m a Sweet Tooth! This person has one bite of something sweet and feels compelled to keep eating. The taste of sugar makes us lose control and we can’t stop eating it.

Seen in the wild: This is your friend who likes to order a dessert to share when you’re out to dinner together. But when the dessert comes, it disappears almost before you can have a bite.

Words of advice: Start your day with a power pair! Make sure your breakfast includes a combination of protein and healthy fat, like eggs and avocado toast. This will keep you satiated throughout the day, so you never get hangry (hungry and angry). Also, treat yourself occasionally with a pre-portioned sweet and use Sweet Defeat right afterward, so you can stop cravings and prevent yourself from overindulging.

The Sugar Cruise Control

Who you are: You don’t think you need to cut back on sugar. “I don’t have a sweet tooth, I don’t eat that much sugar” is the response I usually get from this kind of person, who is often health conscious. This type doesn’t recognize that not all sugar consumption is obvious like cookies and candy.

Seen in the wild: This person often eats “healthy” foods like green juices, yogurt, and sushi rice, not realizing these options can have as much sugar as a soda or dessert.

Words of advice: Read food labels: if it has more sugar than fiber, it’s a sugar bomb and you’re heading for a crash! Use Sweet Defeat after a crazy weekend, as a cleanse after the holidays, or after vacation to get back on track.

Recognize yourself in one of the personality types? Or perhaps you’re a mix of two? Now that you know the power of sugar, take action to free yourself from sugar and lead a healthy, happy, low-sugar life!