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What Freedom From Sugar Looks Like

In honor of National Nutrition Month in March, the Sweet Defeat community took the Sugar Free Challenge to help them gain freedom from sugar. For seven days, everyone followed three simple rules and used Sweet Defeat to make it easier:

  1. Eat 25 grams or fewer a day of added sugar (that’s 6 teaspoons).
  2. Cut out hidden and artificial sugars.
  3. Focus on eating lean proteins, healthy fats, and unprocessed carbohydrates.

Eating low sugar has tons of benefits. Take it from our community who shared that after seven days using Sweet Defeat to maintain a low-sugar diet, they had better energy, glowing skin, and fewer cravings overall. Not everyone is exactly the same, but when it comes to sugar cravings, we all appreciate a little help, especially since sugar is in 75% of packaged foods.

Here’s what people said:

“The longer I went without sugar, the less I craved it. I’m hopeful that I can continue to eat less sugar in my diet, now that I’m more aware of where all the hidden sugars are and that I actually don’t crave it as much.” — My Nguyen, @myhealthydish_

“Personally speaking, by the end of the week I definitely noticed myself feeling better from the Sugar Free Challenge. My cravings seemed to lessen, my skin was looking brighter, and I had more long-lasting energy throughout the day.” — Gracie Gordon, @hungry.blonde

“The lack of sugar has given me more energy during my workouts and in my regular daily life. It’s really crazy how much sugar we consume each day without really thinking twice about it. I think of a lot of us are actually addicted to sugar without even knowing it.” - — Allie Metselaar, @healthyalibi

“I definitely have more energy for my daily workouts, my skin is much more glowy, and I wake up a little bit clearer and less foggy everyday. All in all, I think I’m going to keep going! Yes, if there’s something special, I will indulge, but honestly, I’m not really missing it.” — Emily Kammeyer, @ekammeyer

Cutting out sugar IS possible.

“The first few days were hard, but honestly as the days went on, it got easier! It feels so good to feel free from sugar! Have you ever noticed the more sugar you have, the more you crave? Well that’s scientifically proven!” — Danielle Cuccio, @daniellecuccio

“I learned doing my sugar detox that it’s incredibly difficult to rid your body of this nasty addiction! And I also realize that it will never go away, it’s honestly something I’ll have to work through every single day and make sure that I keep lots of Sweet Defeat handy so that I can stay on track. I think that if you feel like you are addicted to sugar like me and you’re trying to remove it from your life, that your finding will be similar, especially because it’s in almost everything that’s processed and all the goodies put in from of us on special holidays — the struggle is real!” — Allison Cooper, @projectmotherhood

“Before I did this challenge, I never realized how often I crave sugar so it was really eye opening for me to be so aware of my body’s sugar intake and cravings. I used to be SO addicted to sugar.” — Allie Metselaar, @healthyalibi

And Sweet Defeat helped a lot.

“Overall, I think this challenge would have been a lot harder without taking Sweet Defeat daily.” — My Nguyen, @myhealthydish_

“Sweet Defeat was a big savior for me. It’s like a little mint that basically helps with sugar cravings and makes you not crave sweets! Anytime I got a craving, I would carry these with me and I felt better. I didn’t think a little thing could really make a difference, but it did. All of a sudden, I wouldn’t crave sugar! I’ll usually have a Sweet Defeat after having natural sugar (like strawberries and coconut cream) to avoid ongoing cravings. It’s crazy how your sweet tooth can really be turned ON and OFF.” — Danielle Cuccio, @daniellecuccio

“In the same way I take certain vitamins and supplements to better my health, Sweet Defeat can be used as a great TOOL to help you manage your sugar intake.” — Gracie Gordon, @hungry.blonde

If you do one thing for your health, cut back on sugar! Whether your goal is transformation, maintenance, or performance, a low-sugar diet will move the needle.