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A 30-Day Sugar Reset Success Story

Jena Gaines knows all about healthy eating. She’s a vegan and keeps her cupboards at home free from sugar. Still, she has her weaknesses.

“When I come to work there are cookies, chocolate, and vending machines,” she says. Combined with the mid-morning hunger and afternoon slump, the office snacking environment led to lots of temptation for Jena.

“I found I just kind of backslid,” she says.

Even when she wasn’t in the office, Jena often found herself craving carbs.

“I love any kind of bread, rolls, crackers,” she says. “Comfort foods.”

Although we don’t generally think of those as sugary treats, pastas, sauces, and breads have a surprising amount of added sugar. Doing the 30-Day Sugar Reset allowed Jena to take an honest look at the sugar that she was eating.

“I started looking for pasta and sauces that don’t have added sugar. Sugar is all over the place!” she says. “I was paying a little more attention to that and thinking about what I’m taking in when I don’t think I’m taking in any sugar.”

Even though she already knew lots about healthy eating and was avoiding a typical American diet, Jena found the 30-Day Sugar Reset Guide helpful, as it reinforced what she already knew.

The small changes during the 30-Day Sugar Reset made a big difference: Jena dropped about 6 pounds that month. More importantly, she noticed her relationship with food changing.

“I became more mindful and changed the way I think about eating,” she says. Rather than snacking when she was tired or bored, she started asking herself if she was really hungry or whether something else was going on.

“I started only eating when I really needed something,” she says. “I started getting in touch with my feelings and figuring out why I wanted food, or whether I really wanted a break or a nap.”

Oftentimes, she found that cravings hit in the office around 10am and 2pm—when she would reach for a snack when she really needed a break. At those moments, she started using a Sweet Defeat lozenge to take the edge off, and found that she was happy to wait to eat until her next meal.

“I’m kind of lucky. Just one lozenge does it for me,” she says.

Over the course of the month, as Jena fine-tuned her low-sugar lifestyle, she found that her cravings disappeared entirely.

“I thought I would have to deal with those forever. Now I can walk by a plate of cookies and not even be tempted. It’s like walking by pork chops,” the vegan says.

She’s been so happy with the product that she recommended it to her sister.  “We were in New Orleans a few months ago and there was food everywhere,” Jena says. “I slipped her some of the lozenges.”

Although the 30-Day Sugar Reset has ended, Jena still uses Sweet Defeat regularly. She has a lozenge at those 10am and 2pm trouble times, and whenever there are extra sweets floating around the office.

“I’m still consistently using it,” she says. “I would do a 60-Day Sugar Reset if you had one!”

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