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A Bride Finds Happily Ever After

Like many brides, Emily Rudman wanted to look her best in her wedding dress. The 33-year-old from New York City knew that in order for that to happen she needed to stop relying on carbs and sugars to get her through her busy day.

She decided to give a ketogenic diet a try, but she knew that in order to make the high-fat, low-carb eating plan work for her she would first have to ditch sugar. That’s when she discovered Sweet Defeat, and the mint lozenges were just what she needed to put her plan into action.

“Sweet Defeat made going keto for my wedding super easy,” she says. “It helped by suppressing the taste of sugar, which in turn made the food not taste great. Eventually I just didn't want it any longer.”

Rudman knew that she was most likely to reach for carb-laden, sugary snacks when she was in a rush, stressed out, or lacking time to make a healthier meal. However, once she started using Sweet Defeat these quick-fix snacks were suddenly much less appealing.

Next, she incorporated the mints into her meals when she knew she was overeating or just mindlessly finishing what was in front of her.

“Using Sweet Defeat is a great way to curb boredom snacking and stop cravings for dessert,” she says, “but it's also great to take in the middle of a meal, when you know you’ve had enough, but you keep going back for a few more bites.”

After noticing that she lost weight and gained energy using Sweet Defeat, Rudman now recommends the mints to friends.

“For those of you with a major sweet tooth or who have a hard time putting down the fork at dinner or not eating dessert, this is perfect,” she says.

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