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A Personal Trainer’s Secret Weapon

“I’m always busy and on the go, working a lot of hours a week,” says Allyson Seals, a nanny and personal trainer. “I’m also very active and try to get in my own workouts throughout the day.”

After seeing Sweet Defeat online, Seals knew it was something she wanted to try. She wasn’t just curious about how the lozenge could help her stay on track with her health and fitness goals, she was also looking for ways to support her personal training clients.

“I was curious about what it tasted like, what it would do,” she says. “I work with so many clients. It’s always good to have resources.”

Before she started using Sweet Defeat, Seals was looking for a way to support her healthy lifestyle. Although she hasn’t always had a sweet tooth, she found herself craving sweets more as she has gotten older.

“Working with kids, snacks and junk food are always around,” she says. “I would crave it more and started snacking on what they were eating, and it was creating a bad habit.

Sweet Defeat has helped Seals rein in this mindless munching. She likes to use a lozenge twice a day: once after her morning coffee and a second one  right after dinner to avoid late-night cravings. “I’ve been able to say ‘no’ to sweets when I would really rather say ‘yes,’” she says.

Now that it has helped her to say no to sugar, she’s been recommending it to her clients who are struggling with a sweet tooth as well. Her secret weapon is a secret no more.

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