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Getting Lean for Bikini Season

Taylor Scarpello isn’t one who shies away from a challenge. As if studying fashion and retail studies at The Ohio State University isn’t enough to keep her schedule full, Scarpello is also working on her life coach certification, hoping to help others achieve their goals through a positive mindset. And she’s an athlete, competing as a body builder in bikini competitions. “I’ve always eaten a pretty clean diet, but if there were times when I was craving something, I would give in to those cravings,”Scarpello confesses. “In college, there are so many tempting treats.” Since learning about Sweet Defeat in 2016, Scarpello has been using the lozenge as a way to stay on track. As a bodybuilder, the ability to cut out sweets is crucial to keeping her competitive edge. In the months leading up to a competition, every calorie counts. This phase of training is known as the cutting phase. After working hard to build muscle, bodybuilders need to get lean, so they can show off all of their hard work. This phase typically lasts two to three months and is all about getting rid of any extra fat. Scarpello strictly tracks her macronutrients to reach the goals she has set for herself. “Prep is the most crucial time,” she says. “You don’t want to go off diet. Using Sweet Defeat throughout my prep definitely helps me stay on track.” Even when she’s not competing, Scarpello loves that she can use Sweet Defeat to fight her cravings. The fact that the supplement robs unhealthy treats of their sugary taste helps her to say “no” when she’s feeling the urge to indulge. “Sweet Defeat has helped me reach my goals,” she says.
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