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Sweet Success Story: “Taking the Edge Off When My Sugar Monster Comes Calling”

Heather Ertel is busy. When the 41 year old isn’t working at her own strategic marketing consultancy business, she’s doing double duty as a wellness blogger and health coach. All those hours at work meant throughout the day Ertel found herself reaching for sweets to give herself a much-needed boost — particularly after lunch and dinner.

“My issue has always been my sweet tooth,” she says. “I am a very healthy eater, but I crave something sweet after both lunch and dinner, which I know is a bit much!” It got to the point where Ertel felt she wasn’t controlling her cravings very well, especially in the afternoon.

That’s when she turned to Sweet Defeat to give her an extra dose of willpower. “Sweet Defeat has helped take that edge off, especially around 3 pm, when my sugar monster comes calling,” she says. “As soon as it dissolves on my tongue, my sugar craving is gone.”

Healthy eating is all about moderation, so Ertel still allows herself the occasional treat, usually dark chocolate with natural sweeteners like stevia or honey. However, she chooses when to indulge, rather than having her cravings choose for her. Ertel packs the single-serve packs in her bag so she can fight sugar cravings wherever she goes.

“I feel better knowing that I can control my cravings, and Sweet Defeat has been an important tool to help me realize I can flex that control muscle,” she says.

That’s an advantage that she wishes more of her friends and clients had when it comes to pushing back against overconsumption of sugar.

“I would definitely recommend Sweet Defeat to a friend,” she says.

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