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“I Was an All-Day Sugar Girl”

Adriann Nelson knew that sugar was bad for her, but when she got stressed, she couldn’t stop herself from reaching for candy and cookies.

“I knew I was damaging myself and I didn’t care,” she says. “I was an equal opportunity all-day sugar girl.”

Nelson had been diagnosed with insulin resistance, a condition that leads to high blood sugar levels. In some people, the condition can be associated with diabetes. Nelson knew she needed to change her eating habits for her health, so she decided to give Sweet Defeat a try.

“Nothing else was working, so I decided to figure out if this would work,” she says. “My main goal was to get away from the sugar addiction, because I’d say, ‘I’ll have one M&M,’ and then the whole bag would be gone.”

She ordered Sweet Defeat and began using the lozenges occasionally. However, it wasn’t until her second box arrived and she still hadn’t finished the first that she realized it was time to get serious about her low-sugar lifestyle. Her biggest challenge, she says, was just getting started.

“It’s an actual decision you have to make to use Sweet Defeat instead of chomping on the candy. The hurdle for me was getting dedicated to that, and now that I have, it’s easier to go to the lozenges than succumb to the chocolate.”

Nelson set a goal: she wanted to break her habit of eating sweets whenever she was stressed. Instead, she would have a Sweet Defeat.

“In stressful times, instead of reaching for the candy, I’d think ‘Why don’t you just have a Sweet Defeat?’ And I did, and it worked,” she says. Recently, Nelson passed on Almond Joys, the candy that is her biggest weakness.

“I’ve gone from someone who couldn’t not eat sugar to someone who is taking Sweet Defeat instead,” she says. “I’m very happy.”

The biggest change has been psychological. Instead of feeling helpless over her cravings, Nelson now knows that she has a choice to make, and she can easily choose to skip the sugar.

“I know sugar is bad for you, but it tastes so good. When you don’t have the willpower, it’s important to have this tool to help you not succumb.”

Knowing that she has her sugar cravings under control helps Nelson feel more confident in other areas of her life, she says. She avoids hidden sugars by cooking from scratch. A favorite recipe is bolognese sauce made with a base of pureed carrots, onions, garlic, and olive oil. The carrot gives the sauce a hint of sweetness without added sugar, she says. She also uses cinnamon to make plain Greek yogurt seem sweeter.

“Cinnamon in anything makes it taste sweet,” she says.

Now that she knows she has the tools to succeed, Nelson is looking forward to continuing her low-sugar lifestyle.

“It’s a power thing,” she says. “Once you have control of something, it does help.”

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