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Why I Became a Low-sugar Nutritionist

If I had a crystal ball 12 years ago, when I started my private practice, I wouldn’t have believed the changes it showed in nutrition science. When I was doing my clinical work in the hospital for my masters program in clinical nutrition, I was counseling patients to count calories, eat lots of whole grains, and opt for fat-free products. I even did a cooking demonstration with an artificial sweetener company. That’s what was supposed to work, what should make people feel and look better. So when I started my private practice, B Nutritious, I took a lot of those lessons with me. According to the textbooks, my clients should be able to lose weight and feel great by following a low-fat diet. But that wasn’t happening.

Even though my clients were eating 1400 calories or fewer a day, they were struggling with their weight, energy, skin and more. I realized that what I was teaching them was not working. So I started taking a different approach. When I studied a bunch of their food diaries, there was one striking element that was consistent throughout all of them—SUGAR! It was in their low-fat flavored yogurts, in their high-fiber cereal, in their coffee (and artificial sweeteners were there, too), in their salad dressings, jellies, tomato sauces, and so much more. It was even in fruits and some of the veggies.

So I took a handful of my clients and tried having them eating low sugar, with no artificial sweeteners. We reduced the grains, decreased the fruit and starchy vegetable servings, and kept fat, protein, and non-starchy greens where they were.

Right away, things changed. One client had her stomach issues clear up immediately—it turns out, artificial sweeteners were the culprit for her. Another client came in with tears of happiness: not only was she losing weight, but she was also enjoying her food. She didn’t feel deprived because she was eating fat—avocados, eggs, full-fat plain yogurt, nuts, and more. A bridal client was able to have clear skin, which had been a lifelong issue for her, on the day of her wedding. My clients were eating more and losing weight, and I saw differences in their skin.Tons of digestive issues were solved once the fake sugars were removed. It was enough evidence for me to change my entire practice—and write a book on it called The Sugar Detox.

It’s been almost a decade since my practice went low sugar and I’ve never looked back. At first, it was hard to get my clients to realize that sugar, not fat, was the enemy. And then we had to deal with their true sugar dependency or even addiction. I’m lucky that I could share with them the secret weapon that makes the transition so much easier—Sweet Defeat!

Here are some of the favorite ways my clients use Sweet Defeat:

  1. Right after every meal. This is always when we find room for a bite of dessert, and using a Sweet Defeat helps to break that habit.
  2. Midway through dessert. I tell my clients that it’s fine to have a bite or share a dessert, but it’s hard to stop once you get started. That’s the perfect time to use a Sweet Defeat, when you know you should stop, to help you with that self control.
  3. That 3 to 4pm sugar craving time. You have those healthy almonds in your desk drawer, but all you want are the M&Ms from the vending machine. Eat the almonds and use a Sweet Defeat—crisis averted.
  4. Any time you’re near a temptation! My clients say they love using it preventatively when taking the kids out for ice cream, so the kids can have a special treat without indulging themselves. They keep a packet of Sweet Defeat in their wallet for unexpected sugar emergencies, too.

I love helping people feel and look better, so I’m so glad that Sweet Defeat is helping them reach their goals. Anything that is all natural, scientifically studied, and clinically proven to help stop sugar cravings is something I can get behind—and only makes life that much sweeter!

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