Home Sweet Success Stories “Now I Feel Strong—I Have This Help That I Never Had Before”

“Now I Feel Strong—I Have This Help That I Never Had Before”

Name: Kim Ancona

Age: 60

Lives in: Johnstown, OH

My story: Over the last four years, I’ve been gaining weight. When I was young, I could eat what I wanted. But as I get older and with my hormones changing, I can gain weight even when I don’t eat at all!

What I tried before: Over the years, I tried different herbs and supplements to eliminate cravings, like chromium. I tried the thing that you sprinkle on your food, and there was one called “It Works” that was supposed to metabolize carbs. None of them worked to help my cravings.

How I use Sweet Defeat: The very first day, it worked immediately. When I first started, I used it three times a day, after every meal. Sometimes I would have four smaller meals in a day and I would have Sweet Defeat four times.

The results: I lost five pounds in a month just from eating healthier because I’m not craving sugar. My face looks thinner and I’m not as bloated. I’ve seen all sorts of changes. I can’t believe after all these years that I’ve had trouble with sugar, I have no desire for it now. Now I feel strong, I have this help that I never had before.

What I know now: Any time I ate, I would feel tired. And I would crave sugar. It was a snowball effect. Now I’m not tired after I eat, so I don’t crave sugar.

Changing taste buds: Now I notice sugar in food everywhere. The other day I got spaghetti at a restaurant and it was so sweet—I’d never noticed that before, even though I ate there all the time. Since I stopped eating sugar, I don’t crave anything except for healthy food. It’s like my body is saying, “Feed me nutrients.”

Spreading the word: I’m so excited about this product, I’m telling everyone. As soon as it started working, I had to call my mom, because that’s where I got my sweet tooth. And she ordered it. I know a couple of people who have purchased it because the see the results I’m having. I’m really impressed, it really works.

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