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Sweet Defeat “Saves Me From My Sweet Tooth”

Regina Houston spends a lot of time in the gym and loves trying new classes as a way to stay active. Lately, she been obsessed with  HIIT (high-intensity interval training), spin, and barre classes. All that time at the gym helps her maintain a healthy weight, but she oftens finds her eating habits getting in the way. She is quick to admit that she has a sweet tooth. (Her favorite treat is dark chocolate!)

“My fitness goals are always getting derailed by my eating habits, ” she admits. “I”m healthy 70 percent of the time, but 30 percent of the time I find myself overeating or eating sweets and other snacks.”

Before she discovered Sweet Defeat, Houston was working hard to get her overeating in check and learning to control her sugar cravings, but nothing was working. She wanted her eating habits to support her time in the gym. Instead, her sweet tooth was keeping her from her goals. Now, she uses the lozenge to stay on track, especially before or after a holiday or vacation.

“As a health-conscious athlete, I know how important it is to quit the mindless snacking and stop eating when I’m full,” she says. “I love to use [Sweet Defeat] at the end of a meal to save me from my sweet tooth.”

Long before she starting using Sweet Defeat, Houston was driven to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Now, she likes having a little extra support in reaching her goals. She continues to work hard in the gym and falls back on Sweet Defeat when she starts craving something sweet.

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