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Sweet Success Story: Kicking the Candy Addiction For Good

As the president of the USA Triathlon board of directors and an executive board member of the International Triathlon Union, Barry Siff is immersed in performance athletics. Still, at age 62, Siff had a longtime habit that he knew was entirely unhealthy.

“It’s really simple: I was just addicted to candy,” he says. “It was pretty much out of control.”

After meals, Siff would find himself reaching for sweets and mindlessly snacking. When candy went on clearance, Siff would stock up. But last year, something changed.

“The day after Valentine’s Day I did my usual run to the stores and stocked up on the 50 percent off candy, because I would eat tons of it,” he says. However, this time he saw how absurd this behavior was. “I realized that I had a habit that I wanted to finally break after many, many years.”

He had received a sample of Sweet Defeat earlier in the year, but hadn’t tried it. That day he decided to pop a Sweet Defeat lozenge instead of reaching for sweets.

“The next thing you know, I didn’t want the candy,” he says. “I haven’t had any candy since Feb. 15, 2017.”

By taking away Siff’s cravings for sugar, Sweet Defeat helped him break the habit of indulging in sweets after mealtimes. Now he has replaced candy with healthier options, like a handful of nuts, when he feels the need to snack in the afternoons.

“It gave me the next step of proper nutrition and started to align my nutritional habits,” he says.

Over the course of the year, that has led to big changes. Siff now eats a largely vegan diet, and he says that transition would not have happened without Sweet Defeat.

“I’ve taken my nutrition to a whole new level. Sweet Defeat allowed me to take a big step toward that,” he says. “If I had gone plant-based without first doing Sweet Defeat I would probably still be eating candy.”

Once his body adjusted to the new eating pattern, Siff felt better than ever.

“I absolutely have more energy, less body soreness, and have lost a few pounds,” he says.

Siff now uses Sweet Defeat on an as-needed basis. He says that cutting out sugar has given him a sense of control over his eating that he has never had.

“I had tried to stop before in my life and I wasn’t able to,” he says. “This was really legitimately effective."

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