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Sweet Success Story: No Longer Snacking at the Startup

Kinga Wilewska works in business intelligence at a technology startup, where she constantly has access to snacks to keep her going during the long days. Although she likes her job, she didn’t like the impact that particular perk was having on her health.

“My office is packed with these incredible snacks,” she says. “I would find myself snacking all day long, even when I wasn’t hungry.”

Eating so much sugar began to take a toll.

“My skin was dull, I felt dehydrated, and my energy level was so low by 3 or 4 pm that I just continued to snack to try to stay focused,” Wilewska says.

Wilewska was determined to change her snacking habits, and she turned to Sweet Defeat for help. Now she can take a lozenge to help push aside the cravings and only reaches for the snacks when she actually is hungry.

“Whenever I find myself wanting a snack, I just take a Sweet Defeat and the urge goes away almost instantly. I definitely snack less, and when I do, the snacks tend to be higher in quality content and low in sugar,” she says. “I also became very conscious of my sugar intake and almost always check sugar contents on nutrition labels.”

The results have been dramatic.

“It’s a little counterintuitive, but the less sugar I consume the more high energy and more focused I feel,” she explains. “Generally people associate the sugar rush with increased energy, but it’s a temporary fix and I would always end up feeling tired by early afternoon and craving more snacks. For me, lower sugar consumption also helped me see faster results at the gym, which is always a plus.”

Wilewska still allows herself to have treats — particularly chocolate — but she is now more conscious of what she’s putting into her body and making more informed nutrition decisions.

“When I do see something like an amazing chocolate lava cake, I’ll let myself have a few bites, then follow up with a Sweet Defeat to cleanse my palate,” she says. “My philosophy is that everything is good in moderation, and Sweet Defeat helps me control my sugar intake.”

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