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Taming Dessert Temptation

Kara Goldenberg has long prioritized a healthy lifestyle. Until recently, she was a fitness instructor, when a tendon injury forced her to step back from her teaching career. The 36 year old still keeps busy as a stay-at-home mom and remains committed to eating well. Her main weakness, though, has always been sweets. “Mainly, I try to minimize my sugar intake—especially when out at restaurants eating yummy desserts,” she says.“But I have a weakness for sugar. Once I take a bite of something sweet, I often want more than just a few bites.” Goldenberg found it incredibly difficult to stop reaching for just one more bite after she’d already had her fill. That is, until she found Sweet Defeat, a mint-flavored lozenge that suppresses the tongue’s ability to taste sweetness. When eating out, she will order dessert, but instead of finishing the whole thing, she’ll have just a little bit, then take a Sweet Defeat. “I can have a few bites of dessert knowing I won’t be tempted to finish the entire treat,” she says. Since Sweet Defeat has been such a helpful tool, Goldenberg has taken to carrying it with her everywhere. Having it handy at all times allows her to grab it anytime she feels the temptation to overindulge. She isn’t looking to banish sugar forever; she simply wants to gain more control over her sugar consumption and eat it in moderation. “I’ve become better able to make healthy choices with my diet and effectively minimize my sugar intake every day,” she says. “Sweet Defeat lets me break the sugar cycle and stop cravings for more.”  

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