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How I Lost 100 Pounds

Fans of the TV show The Biggest Loser are familiar with its premise: a race to see which contestant could be the first to lose 100 pounds. I was a huge fan of the show and dreamed of losing 100 pounds myself. I could watch other people sweat and struggle, but as much as I wanted to lose the weight, there was no way I was going to do all that work. I followed the show’s diet and joined a gym, but 20-30 pounds was the most I could ever lose. And it never stayed off until I discovered the real secret to weight loss for me.

How did I go from 274 pounds to 170 pounds—a weight loss of a bit over 100 pounds? I discovered Sweet Defeat, fun exercise, and a ketogenic diet. Yes, it was that simple. I learned that everything my doctors had been telling me about losing weight wasn’t necessarily wrong, it was just wrong for me and my body. Because we’re all different, losing weight and keeping it off will always be hard until you learn three simple things:

  1. You and your metabolism are unique. A diet that works for your best friend may not work for you because of your metabolism, DNA, body shape, and needs. Take time to find a doctor who understands this and can work with you to identify your hormones, metabolic rate, and nutritional needs. If you can’t find a doctor, read Weight Loss That Works, by Dr. Linda Hodges. All the principles I followed are in there, including a nod to the “keto” or ketogenic diet. I was lucky in that I happened to find an eating style that worked for me.
  2. Sweet Defeat is your best friend and secret weapon! Use it regularly, as in every day. I use a Sweet Defeat before and after every meal, and whenever I feel a craving for something sweet, like a soda or sugary treat. It will make a difference in the number and amount of cravings you have, and the amount of sugar you consume. But you must use it consistently. Hit or miss won’t work. I also recently started doing intermittent fasting, and Sweet Defeat helps stave off the hunger cravings without interfering with the fasting.
  3. Exercise. You don’t have to become a gym rat or work out six hours a day. Walking is all you need. I added kayaking and other outdoor activities because I enjoy them, but I didn’t do any extreme exercise at all. I just moved my body 30-60 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week.

It’s that simple.

My Weight Loss Journey

Like every other overweight person in America I tried so many different diets, detoxes, exercise routines, and various plans, potions, and pills. None of them worked until I found the ketogenic diet in 2016. Bacon? Butter? Meat? They’re all allowed on the ketogenic diet. I was in heaven. I have never been much of a bread and sweets person, and I love vegetables, so it was easy for me to make the switch to keto’s menu of meat, fish, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats. The pounds poured off effortlessly: I lost a little over 24 pounds the first month without breaking a sweat or feeling hungry or deprived. The second month was just as easy, although I lost a little less weight. But the third month? My sweet tooth kicked in—hard. Suddenly I was drinking three and four 22-ounce sodas a day! The weight started to come back with a vengeance. For 20 years, I had see-sawed back and forth, losing and regaining the same pounds. Just as I started losing serious weight, my sweet tooth was triggered; I fell off my diet and I saw the numbers start to climb again.

So I set off to find something, anything, to kick sugar cravings that were bringing me down. I found Sweet Defeat and tried it. It eliminated the rush I got from consuming sugary drinks. And that’s all it took for me to get back, and to stay on track. Here’s what I learned during this process:

  1. Accept you will have setbacks, defeats, and times when you crash and burn and eat (or drink) lots of sugar. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Wipe those cookie crumbs off your face and have a Sweet Defeat lozenge. Failing, falling off the weight loss wagon, gaining, losing, it’s all part of the process. Just get going again.
  2. Journal your journey! By writing down what was happening when I went off the keto diet or reached for a soda, I could identify patterns and see what my sugar triggers were. My number one trigger? Stress. Soda was how I coped with stress of any kind. Some people reach for a glass of wine, or alcohol; I turned to soda. Journaling helped me see my stress patterns. Sweet Defeat helped me combat the sugar cravings that came with the stress. Exercise, getting out and walking rather than chugging sodas, ultimately helped me cope with the stress.
  3. Daily discipline. You may not have the discipline to walk every day or fix the healthiest meal every night, but you will always have the discipline to take a Sweet Defeat lozenge!

The Ketogenic Diet and Sweet Defeat

Sweet Defeat is not a cure, but it is almost magical in its ability to stop sugar cravings within seconds. Think of it as “discipline in a lozenge.” When you just need that healthy push to resist temptation, Sweet Defeat delivers just the resistance you need. Eating sweets triggers our craving for more sweets. Sweet Defeat stops the craving in its tracks!

  • I use a Sweet Defeat lozenge about 30 minutes before a meal and another one immediately after it. Before-meal lozenges help me control my hunger and cravings for carbs before I eat (because I’m eating a ketogenic diet that’s mostly meat, fat, and low-sugar vegetables, Sweet Defeat doesn’t interfere with my ability to taste those foods). After-meal lozenges help stop that craving for something sweet. It’s become my “dessert.”
  • Keep lozenges in your purse, pack, or pocket so you don’t have to search for them during an intense craving. It’s important to have a lozenge the minute you notice a craving, or before you know you’ll have a craving—like in the late afternoon.

Exercise is Not a Four-Letter Word

The minute I say “exercise” people roll their eyes. But exercise doesn’t have to mean weights, joining a gym, or sweating through a structured class. For me it means moving my body, walking to the mailbox, or on one of the many paths and hiking trails in the area, or even going to the mall to “mall walk” when it’s really cold. Just move your body, preferably doing something you love: tennis, biking, kayaking, canoeing, climbing, or just walking around your neighborhood. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and you’re set.

  1. Start small. You don’t have to walk a lot at first, maybe 100 yards, or around the block. Whatever you can handle is fine. Increase the distance by 20-30 yards every day until you’re walking 1-5 miles a day. You’ll be surprised how quickly you add on distance!
  2. Add an activity, like kayaking, or hiking, or tennis or biking to your routine. In the summer I try to kayak on weekends and walk or hike during the week.
  3. Make it fun. You will stick to activities you enjoy, and give up on things you don’t enjoy. So don’t force yourself to go to the gym or lift weights if that’s something you’ve dreaded in the past.  

It’s almost embarrassing to say, but losing weight with these three things—Sweet Defeat, keto, and exercise—has been easier than I ever imagined. It worked for me, and it might work for you. Talk with your doctor to find out what eating plan fits your nutritional and metabolic needs. Then use Sweet Defeat, and start walking! You can do it!

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